Best Chainsaw – Top 10 Reviews

Chainsaw is an important part of every bigger household and that is the reason why you should choose the best chainsaw available on the market. However, that could be a difficult decision, because there are various features that you have to understand before you decide to purchase it. There is a wide array of different styles, variations, and types that will make you think that buying Best Chainsaw is a very complicated process. That is not true, and the only thing that you have to know is that informed person is the wise person.

When it comes to analyzing the heavy work of cutting trees in order to make firewood, there is not a better thing to do than buying a chainsaw. Even though it could be smelly, oily and loud, you will be able to drop a tree in under a minute. In a few hours, you can prepare full pickup of trees and when we compare it to an ax or manual saw, we don’t have time to add the benefits of best chainsaw. You have to understand that chainsaw is not something new, but every year comes new model with great features.

You will also be able to determine, until the end of the article, how to choose and buy a new chainsaw. That is the reason we decided to present you top 10 Best Chainsaws available on the market that you can choose and at the same time understand why they are popular:

WORX 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric with Auto-Tension, Automatic Oiling, and Automatic Oiling Chain Brake

There are many people that are asking whether this is the best chainsaw that is at the same time affordable and great for frequent users. The answer is yes. It is one of the most popular chainsaws available and the main reason for its affordable price is because it appeals to many customers. The first thing that you will notice when you hold it in hands is that it feels great and comfortable at the same time. It is designed to be easy to hold and ergonomic which means that you can use it for long periods of cutting trees. You have to understand that chainsaws are very dangerous and thanks to comfort, you will be assured to handle it better.

It contains chain break and you will be able to automatically shut it off in order to protect yourself from injuries. You don’t have to worry anymore about chain because with this best chainsaw contains auto-tensioning and your chain will tighten on its own when it gets out. It is not designed for heavy-duty and all day cutting, in that case, it is always better to buy better and professional chainsaw because this is frankly made for people who want to cut their own firewood.


  • It is nicely constructed
  • Auto-tensioning system is added and it will eliminate every possibility of over-tightening
  • It is lightweight and it has only 6.7 lbs.


  • It is not made for heavy-duty work

Husqvarna 240 2 HP Chainsaw, 952802154 (16-Inch)

This is the best chainsaw for homeowners that don’t do heavy-duty cutting jobs, and if you want to purchase something affordable and efficient in the same time this is the perfect chainsaw for you. It is ideal for cutting tasks all over the yard and you will be able to use it in emergency situations when you need to cut wood in order to stay warm. It is also very useful for cutting all side branches off trees while somebody else is cutting it from the ground.

It is developed with X-Torq engine that combines better fuel economy, high performance, and lower emissions. If you add to that centrifugal air cleaning system, you will see what means to have best chainsaw that could function as air filter also. The engine is designed perfectly to be powerful and small at the same time for your additional comfort, so it is not that heavy at all and you will be able to cut all day without any fatigue.

LowVib technology is similar to electric models, and it allows you to reduce the vibration and to provide you with perfect power that could help you enjoy during your cutting hours. The other important thing is that you don’t have to wear ear protection plugs because the pressure on your ears is the lowest in its group, so the comfort is bigger and therefore its efficiency.


  • It weighs only 10 pounds
  • It is very comfortable and not bad on your ears.
  • It contains chain brake


  • You have to maintain it frequently

Husqvarna 450 50.2cc 18-Inch X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered With Smart Start

It doesn’t matter if you need best chainsaw because you want to cut trees for firewood or you need because you are a professional lumberjack, it is always better to have a tool that will bring you extra power for the affordable price. This amazing chainsaw is perfect because it is lightweight and great for small jobs, but in the same time, it contains professional quality which means that you can cut whatever you want. It is very easy to start and it doesn’t vibrate that much if we compare it to similar chainsaws.

It offers a great combination of power and efficiency and that is the reason why it is the top choice for many people all over the world. It contains also X-Torq technology that this best chainsaw increases fuel efficiency and reduces emissions which mean that you saw will be more stable and with less vibration.

This particular chainsaw contains technology that combines electric and gas chainsaw, which is designed to reduce emissions, vibration and fuel consumption, and if we add that it contains 3.2 horsepower engine, which is considered as one of the most efficient engines, we can proudly say that it is the best chainsaw available for its price.


  • It reduces emissions which mean that is eco-friendly
  • Gives you perfect balance between power and weight
  • It contains LowVib technology that reduces vibration for 50%


  • It doesn’t contain prolonged usage feature

PP5020AV Poulan Pro 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas With Carrying Case

If you want to buy an exceptional and affordable chainsaw, you should consider purchasing this one. It is constructed by PoulanPro; however, it is owned by Husqvarna which means that most of the components are used as other Husqvarna chainsaws. When you compare best chainsaw with Husqvarna, you will get something similar for less money, and at the same time, build quality and reliability are the same so you don’t have to worry. The best feature that Poulan Pro chainsaws contain is anti-vibration handle which will give you the possibility to enjoy many hours with your chainsaw without any fatigue.

With air filter system you will get extended air filter life and in the same time, it will reduce fuel consumption without losing extra power. That is a great feature if you have in mind that you have to fill it up all the time with oil and gas. It is specifically made for homeowners, and it is not recommended to use it for heavy-duty, however, with unbreakable chain and great features you can use it for a long time with you any strings attached. It is best chainsaw because of its comfort that is accustomed for people who use it frequently for outside work and it is perfect for cutting branches and medium-sized trees.


  • It contains anti-vibration feature
  • It has same components as Husqvarna and it is cheaper
  • Perfect comfort that you will feel from the beginning


  • It is not for heavy-duty cutting

Husqvarna 460 20-Inch 60.3cc Rancher X-Torq Gas 2-Stoke (CARB Compliant)

There are many Husqvarna models that are perfect for everyday use; however, we decided to present you Husqvarna 460 Rancher which is considered as the best chainsaw with 20’’ bar. It contains X-Torg engine and that increases its power. Many owners stated that it is great chainsaw even for a heavy-duty use; however, you have to consider that it is heavy, so it is better to be careful while handling it.

With quick release air filter, you will get maximum durability and possibility to save the money because of fuel efficiency. It contains also side-mounted chain tensioner so that you can have easier access than on other similar chainsaws. The air filter is a precious feature because you can clean it and replace it all the time and it won’t give you the smell like older models.

There are many features that you have to consider for best chainsaw, and that is the reason we presented you this particular model that will change the way you think of chainsaws. Even though it is heavy, it is designed to provide you maximum comfort during you cutting hours. It comes with a warranty in between 2-4 years, which is great if something happens with it, but don’t worry it is efficient and secure enough to be in perfect conditions for years.


  • You can access side-mounted chain tensioner easily
  • It contains air filter that will provide you better tranquility during your working hours
  • It is CARB compliant


  • It is heavy so you have to be careful while using it.

 Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 12-Inch 32.2cc Top Handle with Pure Fire Engine

Whether you struggle with an old saw or an ax, don’t worry it is time to purchase best chainsaw available on the market for its price. This is at the same time affordable, durable and great chainsaw solution for your homework. It contains smaller engine than average, but you don’t have to worry because it will give you full power to finish your hobby details and home-pruning tasks. Even though the included bar is shorter, it is still ideal for handling, It contains ergonomic grip, which means that you will feel outstanding comfort and if we add that it is lightweight, we can proudly say that you won’t find a better chainsaw.

Its engine has 1.6 horse power with 32 cylinders, and it is made with Pure-Fire green technology which brings low emission and therefore it is eco-friendly and safer for the environment. The engine contains also two strokes so that you can work in a different orientation, which makes it a versatile tool. The saw bar includes 12’’ Oregon bar along with chain set and it is designed to provide you efficient cutting with less vibration and kickback. You can also manually control the performance in order to secure the operation. The most important thing about this best chainsaw is that you will be able to manage it easily without any difficulties for long periods of time.


  • It is very powerful and compact
  • You don’t need any cords in order to use it.


  • It has a smaller bar and that is the reason you cannot work on larger and open areas quick as other chainsaws with a bigger bar.


Husqvarna 455 55-1/2cc Rancher 20-Inch 2-Stroke Gas

This is a high-powered machine that is specially made for weekend lumberjacks and landowners. Even though it is not the professional saw, it will work perfectly if you want to cut firewood that you need in loot. You can also cut trees during rain without any additional issues. It contains X-Torq engine with enough force to mow serious timber and because of EPA-friendly carburetor, it limits the pollution which is great if you have in mind that in California you have regulations that you must follow in order to make firewood. It burns 20% less fuel than previous versions of this chainsaw.

It contains also patented vibration system so that you can have less vibration and therefore better touch and control. It is heavy and designed for durability; however, don’t use it above shoulders because it could seriously damage you. Air intake system will blow and filter the air and that makes the best chainsaw run efficiently and to direct air onto the cut and not on the other side because it could interfere with your arms.

It doesn’t matter what weather is outside, you will be able to cut whatever you want, and that is a great feature of this great chainsaw. It contains sensitive chain brake, and it will seize the chain when something wrong happens. You need to frequently tighten chain because it will stretch in time, however, that is pretty easy and you can do it with built in chain adjustment.


  • It is easier and more durable than other chainsaws in its price range
  • It is comfortable and easier on the arms because of anti-vibration system.


  • You have to tighten chain every once a while because you can seriously damage yourself and chainsaw, too.

Poulan Pro PP3816A 38cc 967196401 Assembled with Case, 16-Inch

Poulan Pro contains many important features that make it best chainsaw with 16’’ steel bar and 2-Cycle gas engine. You will also get numerous features that will help you engage with firewood such as over molded rear and anti-vibration. Most users chose this particular model because it will minimize fatigue and you will be able to enjoy all the time during your cutting hours. It contains powerful engine with a long steel bar, which means that it could cut bigger trees in a timely manner.

Air filtration system is perfect if you have in mind that it will less fuel spending and therefore you can get chainsaw that will keep your money in pockets. It contains also automatic chain oiler that you can adjust before you start and it will always show you when it is empty because it will automatically stop working. Effortless start system is amazing and what you will notice after the first touch is that is not that loud, which means that you will get additional comfort. With the model, you will get an extra chain and carry case, which is great if we compare it to other, similar tools.

You can cut long length and operate all day without interfering with its work. 2 years warranty as a guarantee, but that won’t be necessary as users stated that they used it for years.


  • Anti-vibration system is perfect for fatigue and health issues that could happen if you use Best Chainsaw frequently
  • best chainsaw contains automatic oiling system which is quite handy when you are in woods.


  • You have to maintain it frequently in order to stay with you for a long time.

Earthwise 16-Inch 12-Amp CS30116 Corded Electric

This particular chainsaw is popular among users because Earthwise company and manufacturer have branded his eco-friendliness. If you decide to purchase best chainsaw that has the possibility to cut medium-sized branches without any problem, this is the perfect one for you. It contains many different features and quality components and that should ensure you that every cutting job will be a piece of cake. What is most important, this is an electric chainsaw and that is why you are restricted because you have to plug it into the electrical outlet.

It comes with 12 amp motor that powers chain and 16’’ bar. It is great if you have in mind that you want to complete easy tasks around your house. Even though many people are using it for small cutting, it is powerful enough to cut trees that are one foot in diameter without any additional problem.

When we talk about safety, which is the most important feature for best chainsaw, it offers you great cutting technology with chain brake for these reasons. It is equipped with less chain tensioning system, so you can manually adjust it in order to make it comfortable for your own cutting experience. It is much quieter and has less vibration than other gas-powered chainsaws, and pack more power so you will be able to use its features with an ease.


  • Powerful engine with 16’’ bar which is perfect for household and small trees.
  • Great security measures


  • It works on electricity, so you must plug it in an electric outlet in order to turn it on and start.

GreenWorks 20312 16-Inch G-MAX 40V Cordless, Charger Included and a 4AH Battery

This is amazing chainsaw that is the perfect alternative to gas and Lithium-ion electric chainsaws. It will provide you with less vibration and more torque than other chainsaws which is the reason for its amazing popularity. If you choose best chainsaw, you will get brushless technology that will provide it greater efficiency, longer life; more torque with less noise and this is one of the first battery-powered chainsaws that contains same power as gas-powered ones. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or professional, you will be able to enjoy with great features of this particular chainsaw that contains automatic oiler, Metal bucking spikes, chain brake for high performance and an efficient job well done.

It comes with powerful motor and 16’’ steel bar that contains great chain. You have to adjust it by a tool that you will get with the chainsaw in order to achieve full strength all the time. It is great for all users because it provides less vibration and it is perfect for home tasks and trimming logs for the fireplace.


  • best chainsaw contains new motor technology that will provide your motor with great power and longer lifespan.
  • You can cut solid wood without any additional problem.


  • It doesn’t have customer support available.

Shopping Guide for Best Chainsaws

There are many reasons why you should buy new and best chainsaw, and the most important one is that this is an investment and you must find the appropriate one that will handle all work that you have. You have to consider many factors before you decide for purchasing it and we decided to present you some of them that will give you the possibility to buy best chainsaw:

  • Motor & Bar – This is not the idea of which motor is strongest or biggest, you need perfect combination between cutting bar and motor because only that way you will get a perfect machine that will make your job done efficient and fast in the same time.
  • Operational Factors – These features are important also because it will help you handle best chainsaw better. These features are auto-tensioners, anti-vibration handles and the durability of the chain.
  • Safety – You must follow regulations which are different in every state and country, however, it is always better to choose the eco-friendly chainsaw.


We have presented you the best chainsaw, and even though, you want to buy the one that will be perfect for you, it is always better to have more information before you do it. The reason for that is simple, you want to buy the best chainsaw that will last longer and that will be effective for a job that you want to do. With all these information, you will know where to start.